Plans For 2022

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During the New Year the Industrial Chaplaincy and associated projects will be working hard to develop its range of services and initiatives across Greater Manchester to meet the needs of communities they serve following on from the impact of Covid.

The  continued development of the Chaplaincy at Middlebrook Retail Park in Horwich, the Bolton Town Centre Chaplaincy and the Oldham reflect a strong commitment by GMIM to the retail sector at a time of significant change. Many local town centres also face redevelopment as Councils and planners respond to the new patterns of shopping practice as well as ensuring they are places of welcome and variety.

The Bolton Christian Community Cohesion project has worked on developing this will be placing additional effort into the challenges facing communities on Cohesion. Working with partners we will be developing an extended service offer to enhance and encourage new responses to local issues and pressures people and communities face.

Oldham Street Angels continues to support people through the rough sleepers initiative and with food due to the changes brought about by Covid. The support of the  night time economy especially at weekends has recommenced following the reopening of the clubs and bars. . The work is strongly supported by the Local Council and the clubs/ entertainment sector in the town. It has earned a great reputation for the quality of its support for people in the town. Health service professionals have also complimented the activity as part of ensuring a safe and welcoming experience for all visitors.

St. Antony’s Centre for Church & Industry, home of GMIM and its network of local learning and support facilities  across the North West and recently in Northern Ireland continues to develop its outreach to communities and those needing essential skills in Information and Communications technology. Qualified tutors have been offering free classes across libraries in Bury attracting hundreds of people from the community  very appreciative of the FREE Digital & internet skills classes offered. We hope to extend this  service further  over the year ahead.

The GMIM website is the main portal through which news and information will be shared about our work.  We recommend that you log in regularly to see what is happening in your area.

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