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Due to the Government changes in funding arrangements during 2011/12, St Antony’s Centre faced a period of great challenge with regard to education and training, as did most charities in this sector.

With the knowledge that we would have to work even harder to find resources, the Centre Team resonded well and even more effort was put into developing new ways of working and addressing the shortfalls which occurred with the loss of mainstream contracting.

With a network of 5 learning centres across the North West offering Information, Advice and Guidance as well as a range of other services, we are counting our lucky stars not to mention the tremendous hard work and unpaid hours that have been put in by a lot of people determined not to be beaten by the Government, that our success was recently successful in retaining the TUC Unionlearn Quality Award and the Matrix National Standard Award for its commitment to working effectively in partnership with union members and their employers in the provision of high quality learning services.

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