Welcome to Bolton Christian Community Cohesion

Bishop Chris Edmondson – Bishop of Bolton

We are pleased to endorse the work of the BCCC Projects on behalf of the Bolton Church Leader’s Forum. Bolton is a place where people from all backgrounds are genuinely valued and accepted. These fundamental values lie at the heart of all the major faiths. God sees the good which dwells within all of us.”

Our organisation (BCCC) exists to inspire and encourage Christian Organisations across the Borough to fulfil their potential to serve the many different communities in Bolton, by encouraging and supporting events and activities which bring people together.

BCCC works with some 150 local churches and Christian organisations. There are 3 members of staff and a management team of 15 people from across the local churches. BCCC comes under the leadership direction of the Church Leader’s Forum.

Our motive is driven by the words of Jesus:

“Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly father.”

We serve the local church by encouraging and sharing within the wider community. The organisation provides a forum for exchanging ideas and new thinking for church engagement. Volunteers are vital and integral in our work, particularly at our “Passion for Bolton” event and subsequent legacy events.

We are a dedicated resource to chaplaincies and churches, to assist in promoting a sense of belonging for all people regardless of background. We act as a “signpost” in pointing local churches and Christian organisations, to the help when they may need advice.

We have worked in partnership with Bolton Interfaith Council over many years, to promote awareness and understanding, for example in Faith Trails. This important educational piece of work enables greater understanding of faith and can break down barriers and bring greater tolerance.





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