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So, have you made your New Year resolutions?

The bible doesn’t actually mention making resolutions at the beginning of a new year, it does though urge us to examine our lives regularly and to seek God’s help to become better people.

Lamentation 3:40 says “Let us examine our ways and test them and let us return to the Lord”

Take time out to be in the presence of God. ┬áReflect and identify priorities for 2014. How can I better serve God at work? At church? At home? In the community? Guided by God’s word we can find clear direction and purpose for the season in front of us.

To make a resolution you must stop, reflect and be honest about something that needs to change.

The hymn by Amy Grant and Michael Smith begins:-

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”

Be Still, reflect, and put your trust in God

May God’s Peace, love and blessings be with you as you travel through 2014.


Susan Holme


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