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Meet our team of chaplains

Our team of chaplains are people of faith who have a heart for others at Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park..

Keith Armstrong is our coordinating chaplain which is a paid, part-time role funded by a main mission grants from the Anglican Church. Keith is based at The Hub on Bold St in Bolton and he splits his time visiting staff in the Middlebrook shops and other businesses, attending meetings or events and working in the office.

We also have 5 volunteer chaplains who come into Middlebrook on a regular basis, typically for two to three hours a week.They each have our their own area of the retail park where they can visit regularly and build relationships with the people who work there. Very often, conversations in shops, offices and stores may be nothing more than passing the time of day with staff — but it is these constant and repeated  contacts that build trust in the chaplain so that, when people do go through difficulties or have concerns and worries, they have someone who they can talk to, who will get alongside them and help share their burdens.

Keith Armstrong

I have been the co-ordinating chaplain for the Middlebrook Angels since January 2016 and previously worked as a primary school teacher for over 22 years. I was born in Bolton and have lived here most of my life- with my wife, Sue, and our children Emily and Danny. I attend the Bridge Church in Bolton where I lead a life group and a stewarding team, and help at the Jobs Club, ‘Storehouse’ foodbank and the community cafe. I enjoy playing badminton, organising church walks, kayaking and watching Bolton Wanderers! In my role as chaplain I visit staff at Asda, Boots, M & S, Homebase, Kia and the many restaurants in the centre of the retail park.

Linda Gillett

I am the Church Leader at New Chapel United Reformed Church in Horwich and have been for the last eight or nine years, having been without a minister for all but two of those years. I have also been a Middlebrook Angel for the last few years, visiting ‘my’ shops, from Hollywood Bowl to Luciano’s, on a weekly basis and getting to know the staff very well. I have lived in Bolton all my life and have three children.I am also a Nan and look after two of my grandchildren four days a week, before and after school. I have seven other grandchildren and live with my husband, John.

Mandy Atkinson

I moved to Horwich in 2002 with my husband Glen and our 4 children, Joshua, Rebekah, Samuel and Bethany. We are originally from Yorkshire, but have lived in Hertfordshire for a while. I attend the Triangle Church and I am a steward. I am involved with the Pastoral team and prayer group. I spent time with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and have been involved in youth work. I enjoy sport and, when I get chance, reading. I enjoy spending time with people. I started as a Middlebrook Angel in January 2017 and visit Asda, Marks and Spencers, and Boots.

Shirley Sharples

I am a member of St Elizabeth’s Church in Horwich and have been part of the Middlebrook Angels team since 2013. I help with many of the events that the Middlebrook Angels organise on the retail park throughout the year.


Glen Atkinson

I started as a Middlebrook Angel in January 2017 and visit the staff in Asda who work on the evening shifts.


Our Management Team

Stephen Fletcher (Chair) – Vicar at Holy Trinity Church, Horwich

Heather Crank-Ingham – Marketing manager for Middlebrook Management

Peter Harley – Vicar at St Elizabeth’s Church, Horwich

Phil Mason – Club Chaplain at Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Kevin Flanagan – Head of Greater Manchester Industrial Mission (our umbrella charity).

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