The Importance of Family Time

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Did you hear about the 2 television aerials who got married? The wedding ceremony wasn’t up to much but the reception was fantastic!!

This year my wife, Sue, and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Our children are now 25 and 23 years old and whenever we’re together we often spend time reminiscing about when they were little. A few months ago we got on to the subject of the 4 years running when we went to Legoland in Windsor and visited London.We would stay over on a campsite in our old trailer tent and go on big days out during the day.

When we asked our children what they remembered most about those trips we were really surprised with their response. We anticipated that they would mention the exciting rides at Legoland, the fabulous Lego City, the ride on the London Eye or our visit to Buckingham Palace. But no, they both said that the thing they remembered most was when we all sat around the table in the trailer tent in the evenings playing a board game where we moved little plastic squirrels around a board collecting nuts in small wheelbarrows!

We’d spent a fortune on those trips but the thing they remembered most was something we could have done at home around the kitchen table! It makes you think doesn’t it!

Keith Armstrong

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